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Custom Enclosure Design

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Custom Enclosure Design
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Vehicle Vehicle enclosure used in:

Placement in vehicle (E.g. trunk, blowthrough, etc):

Listening Listening expectations / Music you listen to (Be detailed!):

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Extras Kerf [+$3.15]
Bandpass (4th or 6th order) [+$12.50]
Flush mount [+$2.50]
45s in corners [+$1.50]
Double baffle [+$2.25]
Angled Enclosure (If your enclosure requires any kind of angle in order to fit) [+$3.25]
Blowthrough [+$12.50]
3-D animation building video (this will give you a demonstration of how/what to put together) [+$18.00]

*Please do extensive reading on our custom products. The photos above are EXAMPLES you do not place an order and get one of the few designs above. You place your order and we supply the best possible designs with your given specifications.*


We offer a service for design. That means our time is valuable. Value means something that is worth it. We love to helping out, but we can not work for free. Anytime we need to calculate something or figure something out, we are putting our time into it to get you something out of it. Hopefully our customers understand this. Its not us being rude, however it takes time and resources which are valuable and cost.

WooferWarehouse is now offering enclosure designs!

The enclosure, or 'box you throw your sub in', is arguably the most important part of any subwoofer system. The box ultimately determines the overall sound and output of a subwoofer.

People spend hundreds of dollars on subs then drop them in a generic old box. Stop it! For just a few bucks you can squeeze everything out of your system! Stop swapping subs, stop putting them in the wrong box, and get an enclosure designed just for YOU and how YOU like it!

In a proper enclosure design, many things need to be considered for best performance. Including in it's environment (thats your car) and the expectations of the listener (thats you!).

It is this information and knowledge that allows us to match your equipment and environment to best meet your listening expectations.

Rating Amazing design and excellent customer service!
First off I have to say Woofer Warehouse's customer service is top notch. They answered all my questions very fast and detailed. I received my design for my zv4 15 in 2 days. I had a few questions about wether it would hit the lows I wanted comfortably, and within that hour I had a revised design. They even gave me step by step directions to make assembly the easiest. Beyond happy with the outcome! My sub is murdering 20-40hz, just how I wanted it! Highly recommend if you need a design!
  Reviewed by:   from Taft Ca. on 1/26/2014
Rating 6-SA15s in a 4th order wall
design called for a LOW end Monster and thats wat it is .. this thing get down like no other . FAST turn around without EXTRA charges or "Rush fees" this guy knows his stuff . have always been happy with the customer service and work .. keep it up man !!!
  Reviewed by:   from Tulsa,OK. on 6/17/2012
Rating Amazing designs!!!!!
I got a design for 2 18" Audioques in a blow through. The built enclosure sounds incredible, the box was designed for low end. My system slams on music in the 25-33 hz range. My truck flexes like no other. The design allows my audioques to handle some serious power and put out some serious sound. I use to use another designer who is highly known for his work, The Woofer Warehouse design was half the money and performs better than the other guy. I highly recommend getting your design HERE!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Nebraska. on 12/14/2011
Rating t-line for 2 he2 8" subs
i built a transmission line enclosure for 2 - 8" rockford fosgate subs, i couldnt ask for a better design, it was easy to build, an unbelievably loud for only being on 500 - 600 rms, an my van literally can not handle all the volume this design creates
  Reviewed by:   from tennessee. on 12/10/2011
Rating Custom box designed for 2 HS10s
I am very happy with the custom design I received for my two 10s. He was able to design me a box that was small yet able to hit the lows and be tight. Didn't think it would sound the way it does, kinda best of both worlds. Couldn't ask for a better design. Compact but sounding like a bigger box than what it is. I truly recommend a custom design box over that prefab crap. A custom deigned box is tailored to suit your vehicle.
  Reviewed by:   from Hawaii. on 12/10/2011

13.5" Ported MDF Enclosure 2.375 Cu. Ft @34.59hz
13.5" Ported MDF Enclosure 2.375 Cu. Ft @34.59hz
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15" Ported MDF Enclosure @38hz
15" Ported MDF Enclosure @38hz
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12" Ported MDF Enclosure 3.0 Cu. Ft @35hz
12" Ported MDF Enclosure 3.0 Cu. Ft @35hz
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Dual 8" Ported MDF Enclosure 1.4 Cu. Ft @34hz
Dual 8" Ported MDF Enclosure 1.4 Cu. Ft @34hz
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15" Ported MDF Enclosure 4.0 Cu. Ft @32hz
15" Ported MDF Enclosure 4.0 Cu. Ft @32hz
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15" Ported MDF Enclosure 3.0 Cu. Ft @35hz
15" Ported MDF Enclosure 3.0 Cu. Ft @35hz
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Your Price: $149.99

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